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Friday, April 15, 2011

Federal Agent Under Investigation for Possession of Kiddie Porn

Federal agent in Florida who crusaded against child pornography probed for possession of kiddie porn
The New York Daily News by Helen Kennedy - April 12, 2011

Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Anthony Mangione is under investigation for possible possession of child pornagraphy. A top federal law enforcement officer in Florida who crusaded against kiddie porn is reportedly under investigation for possessing kiddie porn. The Miami Herald reported that FBI agents searched the home and office of Anthony Mangione, Special Agent in Charge of the Miami office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security Investigations, for child pornography on his computers. Whether they found anything was unclear. He was not charged with a crime. Mangione, 50, has aggressively targeted child pornography and lambasted the "predators" who share dirty pictures of kids on their computers. ICE officials said they would have no comment. A message left at the Department of Justice was not immediately returned. Mangione was planning to retire this summer, the Miami Herald said. His ICE office was also in charge of investigating drug smuggling, money laundering and financial crimes, commercial fraud, and national security and cyber crimes. He was frequently quoted in press releases touting the arrest of child pornographers as part of Operation Predator, an ICE initiative aimed at those who prey on children. Announcing the arrest last year of a man who had taken sexual photos of children, Mangione said, "ICE is committed to apprehending and presenting for prosecution cases that victimize our children." "Child predators will go to great lengths to sexually exploit minors," he warned in 2008, vowing to catch anyone who tried.

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