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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jail Officer Hit With Drug Smuggling Charge

Drug smuggling charge against Mass. jail officer
The Associated Press - April 18, 2011

BOSTON,MA - A Massachusetts corrections officer has been arrested on allegations that he attempted to smuggle heroin to sell to inmates at a medium-security prison near Boston. Ronald McGinn Jr. of Bridgewater was charged Monday with possession of heroin with intent to distribute at MCI-Norfolk. U.S. District Attorney Carmen Ortiz says the 40-year-old sent text messages and discussed with an undercover FBI agent the amounts he would smuggle into the prison and fees he would charge to do so. He was arrested Monday afternoon in possession of 28 grams of heroin. The investigation began after a Massachusetts Department of Corrections officer told the FBI that someone was smuggling contraband to the facility about 25 miles southwest of Boston. It was not immediately clear if McGinn has legal representation. He faces up to 20 years in prison on conviction.


Feds say Brockton mall was site of drug deal for corrections officer
The Enterprise by Maribeth Conway - April 20, 2011

Police say corrections officer received $1,000 to smuggle heroin inside prison

BROCKTON, MA — The corrections officer and the undercover FBI agent, posing as a drug dealer, met in the parking lot outside Lowe’s at Westgate Mall. An inmate working with the FBI had arranged for the corrections officer to pick up heroin to smuggle, for a fee, into MCI-Norfolk, the state’s largest medium-security prison, according to an FBI affidavit. On Monday, the agent handed the corrections officer the drugs and $1,000, the affidavit said. Then he placed him under arrest. The corrections officer, Ronald P. McGinn Jr., 40, of Bridgewater, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of possession of heroin with intent to distribute in U.S. District Court in Boston. He was arrested after a months-long investigation that started with a tip from a co-worker.

In January, a lieutenant in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections told FBI agents that McGinn, a 20-year corrections-department veteran, had been providing drugs to inmates for the last few years. The lieutenant also said McGinn was known to smuggle cell phones, iPods and creatine, a bodybuilding supplement, to inmates. In March, an inmate cooperating with the FBI told investigators McGinn was willing to smuggle up to a pound of heroin into the prison for a fee of $5,000 and that for $2,500, he would do the same with OxyContin, according to the affidavit. The informant arranged a deal with McGinn and gave him a telephone number to call so that he could receive the heroin and the payment. The phone number was for the undercover FBI agent. According to the affidavit, McGinn told the undercover agent that he “smuggles items into MCI-Norfolk by placing them down his pants.” They communicated over text messages; McGinn advised the undercover agent not to discuss illegal activity over prison phone lines because they are recorded, according to the affidavit. McGinn and the agent met April 14 in the Lowe’s parking lot to make arrangements, according to the affidavit. It said McGinn had someone who appeared to be a minor in his car at the time. About noon Monday, McGinn and the agent met again, the affidavit said. McGinn received $1,000 and a supply of heroin from the agent, who was equipped with audio and video equipment, the affidavit said. McGinn was hired by the Massachusetts Department of Corrections in 1991, Massachusetts Department of Corrections spokesperson Diane Wiffin said. She said the state’s prisons have numerous measures in place to prevent the passing of contraband, but would not provide details. McGinn has been released on a $25,000 bond. He could not be reached for comment on Monday. Bridgewater resident Michael McGinn, who is a corrections officer at the MCI-Bridgewater, said he has no relation to McGinn, nor does his brother Stephen McGinn, a Bridgewater police officer. Maribeth Conway may be reached at

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