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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Man Sues Over Cop Beating

Man in New Birmingham Police Lawsuit Never Charged - NBC 13 by Jon Paepcke - April 11, 2011

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --- A man who has filed a lawsuit against Birmingham Police claiming he was beaten in 2009 was never charged after the incident. Lawrence Johnson filed the claim in Jefferson County Circuit Court on February 22, 2011, exactly two years after the incident at the heart of his claim. Johnson claimed that while walking down a Five Points South sidewalk he was confronted by sixBirmingham Police officers. His lawsuit stated that after complying with officers' orders to put his hands up, he was tackled, punched, kicked and handcuffed. Johnson's attorney claimed when officers searched him, they found pocket change, a pocket knife and a small bible. Johnson said he was later released without being charged and had to go to Cooper Green Hospitalfor treatment. According the lawsuit, Johnson suffered bruised ribs and cuts on his face. The City of Birmingham did not offer a response to a handful of emails, text messages and phone calls about Johnson's lawsuit Monday. However, they did file an official answer in court and said, "Defendants admit Plaintiff has rights, but Defendants deny any violation of those rights by the City of Birmingham and/or Chief A. C. Roper

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