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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fired Police Chief Says He's Not Dirty

Fired Windermere police chief Saylor denies he's a dirty cop in new documents
News 13 by Kelli Cook, Reporter - April 28, 2011
Windermere police Chief Daniel Saylor arrested

WINDERMERE, FL -- Former police chief Daniel Saylor seemed shocked when investigators accused him of quashing an investigation into his friend. "If you guys are looking at me, I'm not a criminal," Saylor said. "I'm a freaking cop. I'm a chief of police. I've been a cop a long time, you guys." Investigators, though, say they have recorded conversations where Saylor is doing just that. It's among hundreds of pages of documents released Wednesday by the state attorney's office. Saylor is accused of helping cover for his friend Scott Bush. Bush is charged with molesting a child. FL Dept. of Law Enforcement agents say Saylor insisted he did not destroy any documents surrounding the Bush case, or ask any of his officers to do so. Saylor said: "No, absolutely not. I'd never tell [Corporal Irving Murr] to lie to you guys, or destroy records. I would never tell my officer to lie. I told my officers to simply tell the truth." The FDLE said former Windermere Police Corporal Irving Murr secretly recorded conversations he had with Saylor where investigators heard Saylor telling his officer to shred the documents related to the Bush investigation. Other documents include statements made by Scott Bush's mother and his son, Scott Bush junior, about Bush's relationship to Saylor. At one point, Elizabeth Bush told her son that she didn't want Saylor at her house because she felt "intimidated" by him. Documents also revealed Saylor admitted to accepting $1,000 from Officer Raul Carvajal. Investigators said it was bribe money to hire a friend of the officer. Saylor said it was simply a Christmas Present. Carvajal has since been fired.

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