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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Police Farce: Pelham Manor NY Police Dept Controlled by Corrupt Administrator

The U.S. Secret Service in Washington, D.C. was alerted to the missing shoulder-fired M79 grenade launcher, and a cache of military grade tear gas grenades, the day before President Obama's visit to Westchester County.  The bumbling outrage, and cover-up, was orchestrated by the embattled and scandal-magnet civilian ruler of the tiny Westchester village.....
Missing:  Army Shoulder-Fired M79 Grenade Launcher 

A stock pile of evidence, including military tear gas grenades and an Army shoulder-fired M79 grenade launcher- items formerly safe-guarded by the Pelham Manor Police Department- are missing.

But members of the otherwise competent and professional law enforcement organization have learned to keep their mouths shut, knowing that anything otherwise could result in the termination of their employment by the "boss" of the Village- Administrator John Pierpont.

The incredible allegations were revealed many months ago, and confirmed by members of Pelham Manor police department.  On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, the U.S. Secret Service was formally notified of the missing weapons, one day before the President Obama's visit to Tarrytown, New York to celebrate the building of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. 

Oops, Where's that Grenade Launcher?

The allegations involve the Pelham Manor Police Chief, Al Mosiello, and his boss, Village Manager John T. Pierpont.  

Undocumented workers were reportedly employed to clean out the basement of the Pelham Manor Police Department.  Apparently unknown to the undocumented workers, the items included explosive evidence.  At some point, an Army shoulder-fired M79 grenade launcher and a cache of military grade tear gas grenades were moved by the workers to an outside area adjacent to the police station. That's when the items disappeared, and they have not yet been located.

Missing Weapons Triggers Cover-Up

More alarming, however, is the allegation that Police Chief Mosiello was directed by civilian administrator John Pierpont NOT to report, as required, the missing firearms and explosives to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (the "ATF").  

The ATF is a federal law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Justice and is charged with investigating and preventing federal offenses involving the unlawful use, trafficking and control of firearms and explosives.  In 2001, the ATF initiated "Project Safe Neighborhoods," an initiative apparently not convenient to the top administrators of the Pelham Manor Police Department when it involves their own screw up. 

Officials Spice Up Weapons Cover-Up with Good 'Ole Porn Scandal

The salacious side of the Village of Pelham Manor has it all, including porn, good 'ole retaliation, rampant rumors, and the everyday pre-teen stunt of letting the dogs loose on your foe- and so says a federal lawsuit against the Village of Pelham Manor and its manager, John Pierpont.

The federal court action has been generating impressive legal fees for over 4 years, but no worry, though, the taxpayers are footing the legal bills for both the village, and personally for the village manager John Pierpont.  A federal judge recently scheduled a trial for the summer of 2014.

Previously, the second highest federal court in America, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, agreed that there's some merit to the case when it sent the case back to the Federal District Court in White Plains for more proceedings.

The allegations contained in the federal lawsuit include the ultimate firing of an employee, a Mr. Pignone, who was apparently seeking to secure a better compensation package for village employees.  But then rumors, alleged to have been started by John Pierpont, circulated saying that the employee was only looking out for himself.  The self-serving stories, of course, angered the other employees, and that's when the "...campaign of harassing conduct..." began in the small suburban village of Pelham Manor government. 

"On one occasion someone within the employ of the Village of Pelham Manor left a pornographic picture on [the former employee's] windshield of two males engaging in oral sex," according to the publicly available March 23, 2010 filed federal action.

Village Manger Pierpont is also accused of intentionally letting his dogs go free when the employee was required to be on Pierpont family property, and despite being asked to confine the canines. 

The federal papers also allege that, "On two occasions [the employee] found a fake rat hung in his locker."   

The harassment got so bad at one point, according to the filing, that the employee was hospitalized at Sound Shore Medical Center in New Rochelle, and needed oxygen.

One retired resident of Pelham Manor was outraged when he heard about the four-year-old lawsuit, saying, "It's the first I've heard of this lawsuit, and it sounds like a cover-up of wasteful spending of my hard-earned tax dollars."

Village Administrator John Pierpont was pushed out as the Village Administrator of Mount Kisco, New York when various computers were discovered missing and a criminal inquiry by the Westchester County District Attorney's office was initiated.

A formal ethics investigation was initiated in January of 2014 as many of Village of Pelham Manor public officials are New York State licensed attorneys, and are forbidden by ethics rules to remain silent about witnessing crimes. Mayor Bertrand C. (a/k/a "Randy") Sellier is an attorney at Rottenberg Lipman Rich PC, Police Commisioner Raymond L. Vandenberg is an attorney at Vandenberg and Feliu, Fire Commissioner Neal A. Schwarzfeld is an attorney at Penn Proefriedt, Schwarzfeld and Schwartz, former Village Attorney and Board Member Cheryl L. Kaeser is employed by Kirkland and Ellis, and the current Village Attorney Matthew T. McLaughlin is a lawyer at Venable LLP.  John Trowbridge Pierpont graduated St. John's Law School in 2012 and is employed by the Debevoise and Plimpton law firm in New York City.  

Christopher Pignone  v.  Village of Pelham Manor and John Pierpont,  as the Administrator of the Village of Pelham Manor  and in his individual capacity


Anonymous said...

What's scary is the fact that you can have honest cops that are told to do dishonest things by corrupt higher-ups. I hope cameras are there when that bully Peirpont gets what he deserves- HANDCUFFED !!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget one of the other Pierpont coverups involving the cop that got badly injured by the daughter of the VPM fire department.

Anonymous said...

Obviously someone is pissed off and looking for revenge. Weren't two police officers facing charges forced to resign? That old war stuff was junk and probably thrown out.

Anonymous said...

If it's evidence, it can't just be "thrown out."

Anonymous said...

Police Chief rec 12 percent raise for sending out porno and racist jokes over department email. And the board knows all about it.

Anonymous said...

That "old war stuff" was just that and it was deposed of under former police chief Dennis Carol. It wasn't "evidence". Nice try officers, way to back your buddies.

Anonymous said...

Your talking about something else what he it talking about is the teargas and other military equipment that was placed outside HQ while the basement was being cleaned. It was stolen from in front of HQ while everyone was sending racist and porno emails.

Anonymous said...

That's not true they are taking about the teargas and other military
items that were stolen outside HQ.
Get your facts correct. They are not our buddies.

Anonymous said...

How can he run a police dept by hiding in his office? He should apologize to the residents and the police officers who had nothing to do with racist emails and then go home with his 100,000 dollar pension.

Anonymous said...

It is a total mess he violated civil service law by skipping 30 candidates to get to his son. The place is out of control. FOIL the civil service list and you will see that corruption running wild.

Anonymous said...

The police chief resigned. Thank God. All the men are elated.
Now Pierpont has to go. Clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

How can you possibly get rid of Pierpont? Who has the authority to fire him and what would the reason be?