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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Over-Policing in America: The Palisades Interstate Parkway Police in New Jersey

Somehow there's still a "police department" for the less than 12-mile portion of 40-mile-long parkway that runs through Bergen County New Jersey .….

If you want to have your own police department, follow the model of the NJ Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department ("PIPPD").  Its current existence was truly inspired by the TV show Mayberry RFD.   This needless "police force" was created after New York and New Jersey formed the Palisades Interstate Park Commission in 1900, and a bunch of old hacks wanted to appoint some friends to a "police force," along with, of course, shiny badges and various ranks to allow mutual saluting, etc.

Portions of the Palisades Interstate Parkway that run through New York State are patrolled by the New York State Police, but apparently the highly-regarded New Jersey State Police aren't capable of handling the 11-mile section of roadway that runs through New Jersey.  This section of road in New Jersey needs its own "specialized" group of "law enforcement," that requires a wasteful hierarchy of taxpayer-funded salaries and, please hold the chuckles, administrative support.

PIPPD boasts a "force" of 27: One Chief, Two Lieutenants, Five Sergeants, and 19 patrolmen.

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has long ignored the waste of the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department, just like his predecessors..... perhaps there's an-oning secret plan to record the activity of the PIPPD in preparation for the next Police Academy movie.

A petition to eliminate the PIPPD was created, prompting tales of horror stories of improper police actions that would make Andy, Floyd and Barney Fife of Mayberry RFD proud. One petition signer wrote the the PIPPD were "not police but PIRATES...." Another described the PIPPD officers as "lying and corrupt criminals," and detailed how one cop caused a 2nd automobile accident while responding to a 1st accident.

CLICK HERE TO READ, The PETITION to Disband the Palisades Interstate Park Police Department

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