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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cop Complains That Corrupt Officers Investigated Themselves

The 19-year veteran has asked that the State Police investigate the allegations in an "uncorrupt, unbiased manner." Meanwhile, the police chief, Sherri Knight, is trying to play dumb, saying, "I'm not even sure exactly what [the officer] is talking about so I'll look into it and prepare something…." .......

Police Officer Laura Schook has accused the New Albany, Indiana police department of systemic misconduct, and says nothing has been substantively corrected since she raised the issues- and provided documentary proof in support of her allegations- about 4 years ago.

Of course, Officer Shook has been retaliated against in the meantime, being sent on dangerous calls without backup....

Schook's attorney, Laura Landenwich, says, "It's time to clean house.  The citizens deserve better, the taxpayers deserve better. If you're going to have change- that needs to go all the way to the top- you need to have someone who's brave enough to step forward, and she's just had enough."

Attorney Landenwich also addressed the allegation that certain connected cops were allowed to ripoff  taxpayers. "Padding their comp time, getting paid for hours they didn't work, and furthermore, they were abandoning their posts while on-duty to tend to side businesses that they had," said Landenwich.  "It wasn't 15 minutes here or there, we are taking thousands of taxpayers' dollars in wages that weren't earned."

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