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Friday, April 6, 2012

Nationwide Police Mutiny Brewing

Caseyville Police Officers Send Village Letter About Police Chief J.D. Roth
KSDK 5 by Ann Rubin - April 5, 2012

Caseyville, IL (KSDK) - There is an apparent police officer mutiny brewing in an Illinois town. Cops in Caseyville are making some serious allegations and tough demands about their chief to the village board. The police chief declined to comment on all this, but village officials say if officers are going to make serious allegations, they better have the proof to back them up. On page after page, the letter lists allegations of wrongdoing, ranging from examples of poor leadership, to what they call corruption. It is a scathing condemnation of Caseyville Police Chief J.D. Roth, apparently sent by members of the Caseyville Fraternal Order of Police. It was mailed to the mayor and village trustees among others, demanding Roth's resignation or retirement. "I think it's a bunch baloney, because if you don't have the guts to sign something, I've been the mayor for over twenty years in this town, and I don't reply to anything if you don't sign your name to it," said Mayor George Chance. Though there are no names attached, the letter claims to represent the "feeling of the entire police department." Trustee Rick Casey Jr. thinks the allegations need to be investigated. "There's definitely some serious allegations. As much as I want to hope they're all unfounded, I just can't sit here and say that they're going to be. It seems that they have some proof that they're willing to offer. But as I said I'd like to give the police chief his due process before I go out there and say hey you're guilty," said Casey. One of the allegations, concerns Bradley VanHoose, a student who says he simply wanted some public documents. This lead to an investigation by Chief Roth, an investigation the FOP claims went on too long and went too deep. "I couldn't understand why the Caseyville Police Department was even involved in the matter," said VanHoose. The mayor says what he's seen so far amounts to a lot of mudslinging. He's still waiting for documents to back it up. "What I'm going to do is nothing right now, until somebody comes and shows me some proof that some of these things have happened," said Chance. NewsChannel 5 spoke to someone who oversees this district of the FOP on a state level who seemed surprised by the letter. He says he'll be contacting the labor office to look into this further. The village may discuss this at their meeting next Wednesday.


BradVanHoose said...

Maybe you should stay tuned. It might get very interesting soon. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, JD ROTH IS A DIRTBAG. A disgrace to the badge he stands behind.

BradVanHoose said...

I hope they come down on JD Roth soon. The evidence against him is too compelling for any law enforcement agency to overlook. Its too bad the Village of Caseyville has a crook of a Mayor who appears to have dementia. Sorry George Chance, but you should have stepped down long ago.

Anonymous said...

epilogue 6/15/13 - the chief took his own life and the mayor was voted out of office