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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mistress Reveals Cop's Overnight Shifts in Her Bed

Under ‘covers’ 
The New York Post by Kieran Crowley  -  April 30, 2012

  • Cop’s overnight shifts in my bed: mistress 
  • Mistress says Nassau cop spent ovenight shifts shacking up at her place and other cops covered for him

The sexy mistress of a Long Island cop says she enjoyed wild romps while he was on duty with his police cruiser parked in her driveway. Nassau Officer Mike Tedesco allegedly would tell other cops to cover for him while he got out of uniform to get intimate with single mom and Wall Street exec Tara Obenauer — who said he’d leave his pistol and gun belt draped over the foot of her bed during their trysts. “He was cheating on the county, and he was cheating on me, and he did the same thing to his own wife and children,’’ said Obenauer, who claimed she’d thought he was divorcing his wife. “He would be at my house for hours during his shift, hanging out in his uniform on the couch, watching TV with my kids, taking a nap,” said Obenauer, who is single. Her children are from a previous relationship; the officer is married with two kids. “He was stealing time from the county for six months. He [would ask his pals to] take his calls.’’ Obenauer, 42, of Massapequa, said Tedesco, 43, got defensive when she confronted him about his no-show work habits. “I did ask him why he wasn’t out working.” Obenauer said. “We argued about it, but I’m not his mother and I’m not his supervisor. “I’ve been doing this for 22 years,” Tedesco bragged, according to Obenauer. a vice president of a global financial firm. “Let the f--king newbies chase these kids from their parties and go to house alarm calls.’’ She said he called the other cops his “assist bitches.” The under-cover operation came to a screeching halt when a suspicious neighbor blew the whistle. Obenauer cooperated with Internal Affairs and says she’s afraid he’ll try to get back at her. She obtained an order of protection to keep him away. Both were in court Friday, where it was renewed. The officer refused to comment when approached in court by a reporter. “I’m very afraid of his retaliation,” Obenauer said. “I’m a prisoner in my own home because of him.’’ Tedesco has filed for retirement while the matter is still under investigation. He has not been charged. Obenauer said the cop had his own key to her lavish waterfront home, where, she said, he’d spend part of his 10-hour shift from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Averaging at least four hours a night for 100 nights at her home, he may have cheated taxpayers out of more than 300 hours’ pay, an estimated $25,000 of his annual $175,000 salary, Obenauer said. Tedesco, who lives with his wife and kids, would use his police car to chauffeur her daughter and deliver ice cream for her kids, she claimed. Tedesco, 43, was suspended after cops compared the neighbor reports with GPS records from his squad car. They showed at least 57 visits, sources said. Obenauer said that when Internal Affairs detectives showed up at her home Feb. 9, she at first though Tedesco had been shot. But the news they delivered was nearly as bad. They said her boyfriend “was a fully married man” with no intention of divorcing his wife. “I was devastated,’’ Obenauer said. “It had been years since I had let a man into our lives. This was an extreme level of betrayal. It was all lies.’’ Tedesco later called her to ask what she told Internal Affairs, she said. “He screamed at me, ‘You f--king tell them that I’m just a friend who stops by once in a while,’ ” Obenauer said. “I told him, ‘They have your GPS records, you moron. I’m not perjuring myself for you. We’re over, and I want my key.’ ” Obenauer said the relationship began last July, while she was struggling with breast-cancer chemotherapy, when another cop came to her home for a routine call and told Tedesco she was good-looking. Later, he allegedly used a story about loud music coming from her house as an excuse to return. About a month later, they began a relationship. Tedesco, who is getting a full pension, was on the Nassau force for 17 years. Before that he had been a New York Housing cop for about four years. 

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Anonymous said...

Suffolk County Police misconduct. That has been occuring within my family for decades. Can't be addressed. The Dist. attorney protects them. The internal affairs protects them. They have the imunity to do anything they want. Including commiting vicious crimes of their own.
We, my family is in the unfortunate position of being the estranged wife and grown kids of an individual. Who has been providing Suffolk gocernment employees. With the benefits od financial fraud. Mortgage, insurance, robbing the recntly deceased safe deposit boxes. With the help of many dishonest bank employeees with high positions within the branches.
I sent to this site one of many examples of police reports, summonses, arrest reports that I have. Mr. Brady has my permission to publish them.
These reports are being written by my ex.spouse and the father of my kids. He is not a Cop..just a Con Artist with power over our government. Due to his fraud. Access to both state and federal government.
Myself and our kids get pulled over without due cause. I have been stopped in my own driveway. Been falsely arrested. Our son falsely arrested being charged wih both state and federal crimes. Under his fathers name. Son is a Jr. Father in the process of trying to put his son and namesake in jail. Signs of Dad stealing sons identity. Because in 1988 this greed driven nut job. Stole proceeeds from a medical malpractice law suit from his son and myself. It was based on a negligent doctor who caused a lot of harm during sons birth. St. Charles Hospital.
The attorneys my son has hired. Are violating their fiduciary to my son. Not some but ALL of the attorneys. Show mortgage satisfactions that coincide with my sons being set up charged with crimes.
The latest are Keahan & Kalmar, Dave Hove, David Besso lots more.
Judge Gary Weber who has been involved with ex more than 20 years. Was the judge. He also has a new mortgage satisfaction 2011. Always happens this way. Happens to me too. Family court judges. Allow ex to write his own child support orders. Leaving myself and our youngest son living in poverty for 12 years.
Then I afound out this same man. Who is a crook and a Dead Beat. Has been claiming my youngest son. As exemptions on his tax returns for 12 years. I am trying to addess this with the IRS. Which he also has access to.
On feb.12.2012. Ex sent 3 Suffolk County Police officers to my house. Who invaded my house, pushed me into a door. Abducted my son. That I raised alone without child support or any other support from Dad. SCPD has forced my son to live with his DeadBeat deranged father. Aiding him in trying to cover up tax evasion, fale emptions, multiple returns.
SCPD is on the side of the offender. Refuse to even write a police report for me. Allow my ex to write tackets etc.
What is covertly going on in Suffolk county. Is criminal and deviant.
Trying to get this stuff public from this site. I have 12 years of documentary proofs of what I claim here and lots more.
This will be a Best Seller someday. But..boy have we endured a pile of ongoing abuse from these police, Shireffs & other county employees.