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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cop Charged With Promoting Prostitution

Accused pimp cop Monty Green caught in sex act by IAB
The New York Daily News by Rocco Parascandola - February 16, 2012
Investigator says Green kept 'girls in line' at brothel - The NYPD has charged Officer Monty Green with promoting prostitution.

The married Brooklyn cop accused of moonlighting as a pimp was once caught having a sex in public, an Internal Affairs sergeant says. Sgt. Michael Rothenbucher testified at Officer Monty Green’s departmental trial on Thursday that Internal Affairs officers spotted the cop “engaged in sexual activity” on a Bushwick street on the night of Dec. 13, 2009. IAB cops had been investigating Green for four months when they watched Green and another man leave Rockwell’s Bar & Lounge — a downtown Brooklyn joint that doubled as a brothel — then pick up a woman and go to Bushwick. “Then we continued surveillance until we lost him at a high rate of speed,” Rothenbucher said. Green’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, said the accusation is wrong and that the officer was not there. Sanders also got Rothenbucher to admit that Green was not once caught on surveillance working as a pimp. “They can’t prove anything,” Sanders said outside court. “Their main sergeant said, ‘They have no evidence.’” The NYPD has charged Green — who has been on the force for nearly eight years — with promoting prostitution. His job is on the line when the case resumes March 6. Rothenbucher said Green appeared to be a regular at Rockwell’s Bar & Lounge, which served up sex with prostitutes on Sunday nights. Jerry “Creation” Gavin, who promoted the Sunday “jump off” parties, described Green as someone who didn’t pay to attend and “acted like a pimp,” Rothenbucher said. “He basically said [Green] quashed any problems in the club, and he kept the girls in line, so to speak,” the sergeant testified. Green has told the Daily News that he is not a pimp. The officer has filed a notice of claim that says he will sue the city for $25 million because his reputation has been ruined by a biased investigation. Also Thursday, Green’s name surfaced in Queens, where Andre Dickenson, 31, was sentenced to two years in prison for gun possession. Dickenson’s lawyer had tried in vain to get Dickenson’s guilty plea withdrawn by suggesting prosecutors withheld information about Green’s involvement in the case. Dickerson also faces double murder charges connected to two slayings inside the ex-Jets star Jonathan Vilma’s condo. Sanders said Green wasn’t connected to the gun case, and that the Queens DA has said the “Monty” suspect of gun crimes is actually a Queens man named “Maute.” rparascandola@nydailynews

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