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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

State Police Officer Arrested in prostitution Case

Safety Officer Arrested in Postitution Sting
The Albuquerque Journal - March 4, 2012

Albuguerque, NM - APD Vice Unit detectives watched Friday as a prostitute used as a confidential informant was picked up by a New Mexico Department of Public Safety officer, who was arrested on charges including extortion, bribery and criminal sexual penetration and contact, according to an arrest warrant. Timothy Carlson, 34, was booked into jail Friday and released Saturday after posting bond. Albuquerque police officers on Friday watched Carlson pick up a police informant at Expo New Mexico, then drive to an Uptown parking lot and put a sunshade on his windshield. He was in his car when officers intervened and placed him under arrest, according to the warrant. They had allegedly discussed exchanging money for sex. Carlson is an officer with the Special Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety. “I want to assure the public that we are cooperating 100 percent with the Albuquerque Police Department… We take these allegations very seriously,” DPS Secretary Gorden Eden told KOAT-TV. Carlson is on paid administrative leave. The woman with Carlson on Friday told officers she had been picked up before by Carlson. In spring 2011, two APD Gang Unit officers stopped a car after they saw a man pick up a woman at Moon and Central. They were questioning the man, who identified himself as a officer of SID, with a badge and holstered gun, when the APD officers had to leave suddenly to help in a pursuit. “It was at this point the Vice Unit became aware of an officer engaging in activity with prostitutes,” the arrest warrant reads. The woman on Feb. 27 told officers she had information regarding “a cop,” according to the warrant. She told about an incident in which the man she later identified as Carlson drove her to Nob Hill-area alley where they had sex in his car. The woman said Carlson picked her up on three other occasions, with all three encounters ending in sex with Carlson. She picked him out of a photo array.

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