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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Police Chief Under Investigation

East Texas police chief under investigation
KLTV by Bob Hallmark - January 13, 2012

RUSK COUNTY, TX - An East Texas Police Department is the center of an investigation -- with accusations of gross abuse of authority by an East Texas woman against the police chief in Tatum. The woman says this is a frightening abuse of power. It was December 15, that a civil issue was reported, and discounted by Rusk County officials in a Tatum neighborhood, but later it brought Tatum Police Chief Ron Martin to the scene.

"The chief of police walked in, he never asked me about the incident, he never asked me a question, he said, 'Get your butt up and leave, or I'll take you to jail,'" said Tonia Comacho, "'He said, 'I don't care what Rusk County said--this is my town.'
Police chief Ron Martin--he picked up one basket of my clothes and set them out on the curb by my car in the rain."

What allegedly happened next, Tonia Comacho says she couldn't believe. It was at a residence on McNeese Circle that Comacho says the police chief gave her rough treatment, forcing her to leave in her car even though she admitted she was intoxicated.
 "I felt that I was too intoxicated to drive," Camacho says, "Ii told him this three times... [He} threatened to send me to jail saying I was mentally ill." "The chief of police made allegations about trumping up fake charges on me," says Comacho. Comacho was residing with a Tatum police officer. City officials declined to comment on camera, but did say the incident is under investigation. "He has made threats of making me disappear," says Comacho, "I'm afraid to go home. I won't let my kids go there." Comacho brought her allegations to City Council meeting, saying she filed a complaint that was forwarded to Texas Rangers. "I just want to make sure this doesn't happen to myself or anyone else again," she stated. Comacho has since moved from the area, fearing for her safety.

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