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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cop Under Investigation for Sexual Assault on Waitress

NYPD detective under investigation for sexual assault spent hours drinking with cop pals before tryst
The New York Post by Kevin Fasick and Brad Hamilton - February 26, 2012

The NYPD detective under investigation for sexually assaulting a waitress in an uptown steakhouse spent four hours eating and drinking wine with his cop pals before taking the woman to a back room, sources said yesterday. The waitress told cops she was drunk during the Feb. 16 encounter, and investigators are looking into whether the detective gave her “hundreds of dollars” at the Parrilla Steakhouse, the sources said. The detective, whom the NYPD did not identify, returned to the table alone, finished his dinner and left the restaurant with the other cops, the sources said. The woman slept in the back. Hours later, the woman woke up to find that one of the restaurant’s owners was sexually assaulting her with his hand, the sources said. She sought treatment at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, where investigators met her and took her complaint about her boss. Cops were still looking for the owner yesterday morning. The sources said the 33rd Precinct cops were in the restaurant from about 6 to 10 p.m., while all four were on duty. The incident began after the waitress “found one of the guys attractive” and showed him “provocative” and possibly nude pictures of herself at the table, a law-enforcement source said. The detective escorted the woman into a back room — and one law-enforcement source termed the sex between the cop and the waitress a “possible rape.” But another source said the detective was likely to face only departmental charges related to drinking while on duty, because cops are allowed just a one-hour meal break. “He has an administrative problem,” said the source. “There’s video that shows them drinking alcohol.” It’s unclear how much wine the group consumed or if the waitress joined them at the table. One source said all four were “fit for duty,” even after the four-hour meal. Michael Palladino, who heads the NYPD detectives union, said the racy cellphone pictures hurt the waitress’ credibility. “If that is, in fact, true, it sounds like she was trying to serve them more than they ordered, which calls into question her credibility,” he said. The waitress has a criminal record, and was fired from her job after making the allegations, the sources said. The detective, a veteran investigator in his 40s, has been with the NYPD for approximately 20 years. He has not been charged with any crime, and has not been compelled to provide a DNA sample. He and the three other cops have been taken off active duty, with their guns and badges confiscated. Parrilla, an upscale place at Broadway and 164th Street, offers 17 wines by the glass, a mix of mostly reds that includes Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon for $7 to $10.

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