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Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Cops Guilty of Making "Bad Faith" Arrests

NYPD finds two officers guilty of making arrests 'in bad faith' in department trial
The New York Daily News by Joe Kemp - January 12, 2012
Bronx cops docked 10 vacation days for wrongfully arresting a pedestrian

Officers Richard Rodriguez and Miguel Alvarez were found guilty of wrongfully arresting a pedestrian in 2009. Two cops who were the first to be prosecuted in a departmental trial by lawyers for the Civilian Complaint Review Board were found guilty, officials said. Bronx Police Officers Richard Rodriguez and Miguel Alvarez were docked 10 vacation days for wrongfully arresting a man crossing a street in 2009, officials said. They arrested Julius Lewis, 41, for disorderly conduct after he stepped in front of a police vehicle responding to a burglary in progress on E. Tremont Ave. A trial commissioner found the officers “made the arrest in bad faith,” and there was no evidence Lewis attempted to or actually did impede traffic. The officers were later charged with abuse of authority. Although CCRB has assisted in departmental trials against NYPD cops, this was the first time the board had their own lawyer prosecute a case. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly proposed the idea “because he believed it would give CCRB attorneys crucial insight into how seriously we take such cases, as well as insight into the complexities of the investigations involved,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said when the trial began.

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