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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

State Trooper Exposes Police Corruption

Trooper exposes police corruption in memoir
THE MOULTRIE NEWS - January 11, 2012
High-profile federal case exposes secret police society named Lords of Discipline.

In 2007 the New York Times article "New Jersey Agrees to Settle Trooper's Harassment Suit" reported on Justin Hopson's federal lawsuit. Hopson claimed to have been hazed and harassed by a secret society of state troopers after refusing to testify in support of an unlawful arrest and false report made by his training officer. Hopson blew the whistle on the unlawful arrest, harassment and the secret society of state troopers known as the Lords of Discipline. Revealing new information and insight about his historic case, Hopson delivers his new memoir "Breaking the Blue Wall: One Man's War Against Police Corruption." "With only 11 days on the job as a New Jersey State Trooper, I witnessed an unlawful arrest and falsified report made by my training officer. I didn't sign up for this," says Hopson. Not compromising himself or his oath to protect and serve, Hopson acted with integrity. "After confronting my training officer and refusing to testify in support of the unlawful arrest," he says, "my life veered into a dangerous journey of hazing and harassment. I was targeted by a secret society of troopers known as the Lords of Discipline (LOD). The LOD bullied and harassed colleagues for decades. I blew the whistle on the LOD, which sparked the largest internal investigation in state police history." Hopson hopes to inspire readers to be catalysts for change. His new book demonstrates how one committed individual can stand up to the social forces of fear, intimidation and corruption. "I was an ordinary cop with an extraordinary cause," says Hopson. Justin Hopson ( holds a Master of Arts degree in management and has a high degree of professional training in such areas as gang awareness, management evaluation and critical first response. He has been certified as a state police instructor and American Heart Association healthcare provider. After retiring as a New Jersey State Trooper in 2007, Hopson founded Hopson Investigations, a state licensed private investigative firm based in Charleston. He was appointed to the Charleston County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Board in May 2009, and became a member of the South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators in June 2010.

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