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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Police Captain Charged With Marijuana Possession

Granby Police Capt. Charged with Marijuana Possession
The Hartford Courant by Hilda Munoz - May 9, 2011

ENFIELD, CT- A captain in the Granby police department who is facing federal child pornography charges is also being charged with possession of a controlled substance. State troopers searching the Suffield home of David Bourque, 50, for evidence of child pornography found 0.2 ounces of marijuana in a safe, court documents state. His arraignment is scheduled for June 9 in Superior Court in Enfield. Bourque was arrested in April after investigators said they found thousands of images and videos on a laptop in his office. State police investigators had also secured a warrant to search his home for computers, disks, flash drives, SD cards, cell phones and other electronic evidence, according to an arrest warrant. The marijuana was found inside a safe in the master bedroom, the warrant states. Bourque is the head of the North Central Municipal Regional Accident Reconstruction Team, which was initially in charge of the Oct. 29 fatal accident involving Windsor Locks police Officer Michael Koistinen and 15-year-old Henry Dang. State police took over the investigation because of concerns that the accident was not investigated properly. State police arrested Michael Koistinen on manslaughter charges and his father, Robert Koistinen, on obstruction of justice charges. State police are investigating Bourque for his role in that investigation. Sources say that authorities suspected that Bourque had been drinking alcohol that night and instructed him to leave less than 30 minutes after he arrived at the scene in Windsor Locks. The child pornography investigation was separate from the accident investigation, police said. The pornography investigation started March 11 after Bourque shared folders containing pornographic images with an undercover state police officer.

1 comment:

Alan Folmsbee said...

Summary in Windsor Locks: Drunk cop hits bike at midnight, Dang dies. Cop's Dad investigates son's collision and covers up. Police commissioner and first selectman arrive at scene by 1 AM to cover up better. State police arrive and see cover up. Borque arrives drunk to investigatee drunk. Borque is found to have child porn and pot at home. Courts ignore pot, drunkenness, and protect cops all round, praising cops. Dang is dead. Father of killer is suspended WITH PAY!