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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Police Corruption Allegations Raised in Rape Case

Police Corruption Allegations Raised in Hennessey Coach Rape Case
NewsOn6.Com by Jennifer Pierce - May 11, 2011

A detective allegedly wrote on the victim's Facebook wall pointing to possible police corruption.

KINGFISHER, Oklahoma -- Former Hennessey girls basketball coach Ben Forsythe made an appearance in a Kingfisher County courtroom Wednesday morning. He is accused of having sex with one of his players and is charged with two counts of rape. His attorney, David Slane, told the judge he has been collecting evidence that points to possible police corruption and that the alleged victim lied about statements she made about her relationship with Forsythe. One piece of evidence is a Facebook posting on the victim's page. A detective told her "Don't sweat it, we're golden got a few more tricks up my sleeve I've been saving." "The detective has been communicating with her. We think that's hiding evidence. So we put them on notice that we are aware of that and told the judge that," Slane said. He also filed a text message the alleged victim sent. She said media reports were lies and Forsythe never got mad at her for ending the relationship. But in a statement to police, she told detectives the former basketball coach was angry she ended the affair. Slane also filed paperwork with the Court of Criminal Appeals. He is challenging a statute that makes it against the law for an adult student to have a sexual relationship with a school employee. The alleged victim was 18 years old at the time of the relationship. "While my client denies anything happened, that fact that she says she did it voluntarily we believe tramples on women's and men's rights at the age of 18 to do what they wish, " Slane said.

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