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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Video Shows Cops Punching Student While Being Placed Under Arrest

YouTube video shows cops punching unruly Rutgers University student while trying to arrest him
The New York Daily News by Bill Hutchinson - February 8, 2011

Video shows Elliott Marx, 20, of Lindenhurst being punched as five New Brunswick, N.J., police arrest him.

A YouTube video showing cops punching an unruly Rutgers University student from Long Island was burning up the Internet on Monday night. The minute and 43 second video, taken by a witness viewing the incident from a perch above the scene, shows Elliott Marx, 20, of Lindenhurst being punched as five New Brunswick, N.J., police arrest him. Police officials said the incident stemmed from a parking lot fight early Saturday morning near the New Brunswick campus. Lt. J.T. Miller told that Marx was one of up 50 people involved in the 1 a.m. brawl. "Stop resisting! Give me your hand!" one cop is heard shouting at Marx in the video. When Marx continued to resist, an officer is seen punching the suspect at least four times. Marx, a Rutgers sophomore, was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, obstruction, aggravated assault and having a fake ID. Miller said Marx jumped on an officer's back before he was arrested. Defense attorney John Koufos said Marx suffered cuts and bruises to his face. Marx claimed that his friend was jumped when they tried to get into a house party. He was trying to help his friend when people attacked him. He claimed he didn't realized he was struggling with cops until they ordered him to stop resisting, Koufos told the news web site. New Brunswick Police Director Peter Mangarella said Internal Affairs has launched an investigators. "My first take is that I see somebody resisting arrest," Mangarella said. "Was the force justified? That's what our guys are trying to determine."

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