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Monday, February 28, 2011

Former Deputy Gets 18 Months in Prison

Former deputy gets 18 months in prison
The News Times - February 25, 2011

NEW BERN, NC — Frank Galizia, the former chief deputy of the County Sheriff’s Department, will have to serve 18 months in federal prison for his role in an embezzlement scheme involving four other members of the department. In addition, Mr. Galizia will have to serve three months supervised probation and pay a portion of $84,000. Judge Louise Flanagan sentenced him today. He reports to prison after June 7. Mr. Galizia is the last of the defendants to be sentenced in the scheme, which involved the stealing of federal funds given to the county specifically to be used in covert drug operations. He pleaded guilty in July to aiding and abetting the embezzlement of funds while serving in the sheriff’s department under former sheriff Ralph L. Thomas Jr. Mr. Thomas, who was sentenced in October, is serving a 14-month prison sentence for his part in the scheme. He pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit an offense against the United States and was admitted to U.S. Penitentiary McCreary in Kentucky on Dec. 2. Boyce Floyd Jr. pleaded guilty to the same charge as Mr. Galizia and was sentenced in January to eight months in prison and $15,260 in restitution. He does not have to start his time until after May 7. Two other former deputies, Chris Cozart and Mark Farlow, pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony, for knowing about the criminal activity but not reporting it to authorities. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the eastern region of the state, Mr. Galizia, as well as Mr. Floyd, would sign out money from the county and then take it to the Mr. Thomas. The former sheriff would then take a cut for himself. The illegal activity went on for several years, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Mr. Galizia has also admitted to taking money, according to prosecutors, though considerably less than Mr. Thomas.

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