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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Former Police Captian Faces Sentencing

Former Police Captain Faces Sentencing
WCPO by Bill Price - November 22, 2010

BATAVIA, Ohio - A former police captain convicted of stealing Oxycontin was sentenced Monday to two years probation and perform upwards of 250 hours of community service for tampering with evidence. Felicity police captain Delmas Pack, 42, pleaded guilty to the charge earlier this month. Pack was caught stealing prescription drugs from a suspect during a sting operation by the Clermont County Sheriff's Department. Investigators say Pack confiscated 81 Oxycontin pills from an undercover officer. Those drugs were never turned in to the evidence department. Pack faced five years in jail and a $10,000 fine. However, both prosecution and defense attorneys agreed earlier this month that they would ask the judge to consider probation for the sentence, with Pack handing in his police license and promising never to work in law enforcement again. Pack's attorney has told the court that his client's main goal now is to look for new ways to support his family. Clermont County Common Pleas Judge Kenneth Zuk also made holding down a full time job part of Pack's probation requirements. Pack had been with the Felicity Police Department for 16 years.

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