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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Corruption Lawsuit Gets Boot Due To Lack of Service

The case is one of several in the aftermath of a federal police corruption probe
Scripps TV - January 24, 2011

TULSA, OK - A lawsuit filed against the City of Tulsa in connection to a police corruption scandal has been dismissed. On Monday, Judge Carlos Chappelle dismissed a lawsuit filed in April 2010 by Larry Barnes and his wife, Linda Sue Barnes. Defense attorney Clark Brewster made the request, because the defendants had not been served since the filing. Defendants named are the City of Tulsa, former police chief Ron Palmer, officer Jeff Henderson and former ATF agent Brandon McFadden. Barnes claims his civil rights were violated when Henderson and McFadden conspired to present false testimony at his felony drug trial in 2008. He was convicted and spent 16 months in a federal prison. More lawsuits are pending against the City in the aftermath of a federal police corruption probe in which several Tulsa officers have been indicted. Those officers, including Jeff Henderson, are accused of planting evidence, intimidating witnesses and stealing drug money. McFadden has since pleaded guilty. Henderson is awaiting trial.

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