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Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Puerto Rico Cops Convicted in Drug Sale

Two Puerto Rico police officers convicted for participation in drug transaction - December 11, 2010

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – On Wednesday, two Puerto Rico police officers, Raquel Delgado-Marrero and Ángel Rivera-Claudio, were convicted of three counts each for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances, attempt to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances, and possession of a firearm in relation to a drug trafficking crime. The defendants were immediately incarcerated, and are facing a minimum of 15 years in prison. The defendants were charged in a four-count indictment on September 9, 2010. This indictment is part of Operation Guard Shack, in which 133 defendants were indicted as the result of 125 undercover drug transactions conducted by the FBI in several locations in Puerto Rico from July 2008 until September 2010. The defendants’ participation in one drug transaction on July 24, 2009, consisted of providing armed protection to a drug dealer during the sale of seven kilograms of cocaine. In exchange for their security services during the drug transactions, the defendants received $2,000 each. “These convictions demonstrate the commitment of the Department of Justice and the US Attorney’s Office in Puerto Rico to eradicate corruption in our law enforcement ranks. We cannot help but be appalled at the criminal conduct that was presented during trial against these two individuals who had sworn to serve and protect the citizens of Puerto Rico, but instead were protecting drug transactions,” said US Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodríguez-Vélez.

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