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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Police Layoffs Ripping Through the USA - December 5, 2010

Executive Summary – Here we go one of the most violent cities, Camden, New Jersey has laid off 50% of its Police Department due to running out of money. Think crime may go up there? Newark, New Jersey has laid of 167 police officers which is 14% of the force. Jersey City is moving ahead with a plan to lay off 82 police officers. Flint, Michigan has served lay off notices on 20 police officers. Cincinnati City is proposing laying off 131 police officers and 144 firefighters. Rockford city laying off 17 police officers. Prospect Heights, a Chicago suburb has laid off 6 police officers which is one third of the department. Monroe County laying of 23 deputies. New York State Capital laid of 40 of their 70 security guards so expect longer lines at the metal detectors.

What is Happening – The City, County and States are running out of money. Real estate property values are down so real estate taxes go down in proportion as the taxes get reaccessed. Sales taxes are down as retail sales drop. Employment taxes are down due to high unemployment. People that owe taxes are also paying late, defaulting and filing bankruptcy. Put all this together and you have these governments running out of money. Obama can't help unless he decides to print more money which brings a lot of heat on him.

Effects of the Layoffs – The people will suffer. More crimes with fewer cases solved. Sentence times will be shorter due to prison over crowding. The only people likely to do hard time are violent offenders who really hurt someone and have priors and white collar criminals prosecuted by the fed for a victimless crime. As usual doom and gloom on the people. Responses to burglar alarms will be slower or not at all. Patrol units will travel from one victim to another taking reports. Crime prevention through patrol will suffer. The amount of crimes solved will drop due to limited resources. The morale of the police will drop. They may vent out at the people with more traffic citations to raise money. They may use the tasers more. This destruction of police morale is a precursor to police corruption. What do I mean. Think like this. Sir would you care to pay your traffic ticker right here now and dispose of the matter or have to go to court and get points on your license. Sir you do not have a license for that gun you were carrying. What do you say I just confiscate it and no questions asked and you are free to go. Oh my Miss you have cocaine on you and that could mean years in jail. For five hundred I can forget what I saw and you can even keep the cocaine. Need to go to an ATM? Think I am kidding, think again. When the cops realize there is no serious prospect of a pension to lose, little chance of getting caught and going to jail, and they get disgruntled the corruption then starts. We are not there yet but it will come soon enough, just trust Obama to get you there. When the cops take, then shortly afterwards so do the judges and prosecutors and then it is full blown corruption with the dirty money being spread around. Expect gun sales to rise in the affected communities as people look to secure their person and property.

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NiteRider0311 said...

Most of the speculative happenings arising from lay offs can and do happen even today. An increase would most likely find these officers being turned in more often. There is corruption every day involving enforcement of false law (code) to bring in revenue. Maybe fewer cops on the road will have a positive effect. As for people arming themselves for protection, it's a citizen's duty and right to do so. Ours is and always has been a partnership with Police Officers, when they go adversarial it all goes bad.