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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Woman: Cop Abused Me

The New York Post by BRUCE GOLDING and IRENE PLAGIANOS - June 20, 2009

A Queens woman is suing a veteran NYPD detective, claiming he sodomized her inside a police-station bathroom while another cop stood guard outside, The Post has learned. The 29-year-old Elmhurst woman claims Detective Oscar Sandino carried out the brazen sex attack after threatening to have her kids removed following a drug raid at the apartment she shares with her boyfriend. Her Manhattan federal court suit, which doesn't specify damages, says Sandino was part of a team of cops who stormed her apartment in a drug raid on Feb. 16, 2008. Sandino -- a married father of two -- allegedly took the mother of three on a car ride after the raid, at which time he allegedly threatened her, saying, "You know you are going to lose your kids," and asked her what she was willing to do for them. "What do you mean -- anything?" she answered.  "How did your children come into the world? . . . You had to be bedded," Sandino allegedly responded in Spanish. Sandino eventually barged in on her bathroom stall, demanding to know "what's your answer" to the alleged demand for sex, and refusing to let her leave. The woman's suit says she was "fearful and helpless," and she said, "No, not here." But the detective allegedly said, "This is the safest place." He then allegedly ordered her to take her pants down and said, "Wow, you have an earring down there." He then allegedly groped her and sodomized her and then said, "Now I know I can trust you!" The woman later met with NYPD Internal Affairs investigators, and even met with Sandino wearing a wire. But he guessed she was trying to trap him and threatened her. Police sources said she never reported that she was sexually assaulted, only complaining that Sandino had made inappropriate comments and calls to her. Sources said that in March 2008, Sandino was put on modified duty. Yesterday, Sandino said, "I am not a rapist," when reached outside his house. He referred requests for comment to the detectives union, which did not respond to calls.

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These kind of cops must be murdered in front of the public.

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