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Monday, April 1, 2013

U.S. Senators Heller and Reid Asked to Lead

Reform2013, a national public interest group, has asked the U.S. Senators from Nevada, Sen. Dean Heller and Sen. Harry Reid, to weigh in on the law enforcement corruption horror being exposed in Las Vegas......

Here's the communication sent to Senator Dean Heller and Senator Harry Reid:

                                                                                                     ... in association with

“The Ultimate Violation of Trust is the Corruption of Ethics Oversight” 
Telephone:  202-374-3680                         -----                       Facsimile:  202-827-9828

April 1, 2013

Senator Dean Heller via facsimile: 202-228-6753
361A Russell Senate Office Building 702-388-6501
Washington, D.C. 201510 775-883-5590
Senator Harry Reid via facsimile: 202-224-7327
522 Hart Senate Office Building 702-388-5030
Washington, D.C. 20510 775-686-5757

RE: Law Enforcement Oversight in Nevada

Dear Senators Heller and Reid,

As you are aware, there has been a serious breakdown in substantive law enforcement oversight in Clark County, Nevada. Indeed, the honorable work of the devoted members of law enforcement in Nevada has been tarnished enough by the void of proper accountability.
Given the recent heightened interest by the U.S. Department of Justice in allegations of Las Vegas law enforcement corruption*, we respectfully request: 1. that your office appoint a specific staff member to act as your liaison regarding information concerning law enforcement corruption in Nevada; and 2. that you identify that staff member and publicly state your position in closely monitoring events so to restore the faith of all Nevadans in their system of justice. 
We continue to applaud your good works for all Nevada residents, and for all throughout the United States, and we look forward to your timely and substantive response.

* See March 28, 2013 posting, “Old Murder, Allegedly Involving Cops, Rattles Las Vegas” at                                                            tel: 202-374-3680

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