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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cop Arrested for Stealing Drugs

First one cop is accused of stealing from the evidence room, now another cop gets arrested for stealing drugs anyway he could.......

More Trouble for Shinnston Police as officer arrested
The Exponent-Telegram by Matt Harvey, March 13, 2013

CLARKSBURG, WV — It just went from bad to worse for the city of Shinnston and its police department. Late Tuesday night, an officer of Shinnston Police, Charles Roscoe Henning III, was arrested by the Harrison County Sheriff's Department SWAT team and jailed pending an arraignment, according to Prosecutor Joe Shaffer. Henning, 38, will have an initial appearance at 10 this morning before Harrison Chief Magistrate Keith Marple on seven counts alleging he unlawfully acquired or obtained possession of a controlled substance by fraud, forgery, deception or subterfuge. Each count carries a potential prison term of one to four years if there's a conviction, and there's also the possibility of a fine of up to $30,000 on each charge. City Manager Debra Herndon said Henning, an officer with the department since June 2010, had been fired effective immediately following the charges. Henning was arrested as he came on duty about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, Herndon said. The city manager first learned of the investigation about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, she said. The city has been fully cooperating with the investigation, she added. Henning committed crimes in 2011, 2012 and this year, all while in his official duty as a lawman, Harrison Sheriff's Lt. P.B. McCarty has alleged.

  • On Aug. 8, 2011, Henning went into a woman’s home on Pike Street in Shinnston and unlawfully took about 100 pills, saying it was part of an investigation, McCarty alleged.
  • On Dec. 6, 2011, Henning unlawfully took hydrocodone pills from a woman at her residence on Station Street in Shinnston, again saying it was part of an investigation, McCarty alleged.
  • On Aug. 21, Henning unlawfully took a bottle of hydrocodone after a warrant search was finished and property receipt given to a female in a home on Pike Street in Shinnston, McCarty alleged.
  • On Dec. 18, Henning unlawfully took more hydrocodone as part of a traffic stop investigation in Shinnston, McCarty alleged. This also resulted in another charge when Henning allegedly unlawfully took hydrocodone after the suspect later provided prescription bottles as potential proof of innocence, McCarty alleged.
  • On Feb. 12, Henning took hydrocodone unlawfully from a man who brought the pills to the police department at the request of the officer, McCarty alleged.
  • On March 2, Henning seized a bottle of hydrocodone from a warrant search on Monroe Street in Shinnston, then unlawfully took the pills, McCarty alleged.
The lieutenant’s investigation included examination of property receipts and evidence logs, the complaints indicate. Meanwhile, already in trouble with the law is Kevin B. Junkins Jr., still awaiting prosecution on four counts alleging wrongdoing while he was with the Shinnston Police Department. Junkins, who now resides in Triadelphia, is accused by Harrison Sheriff’s Lt. P.B. McCarty of embezzling $4,200 from evidence bags in the evidence room. Junkins also stole marijuana and hydrocodone from the evidence room and took it to another person to sell on his behalf, McCarty has alleged. Additionally, Junkins, “under the color of authority,” entered a Shinnston man’s residence purportedly for a pill count, then took hydrocodone from the home, McCarty has alleged. Meanwhile, in January, City Manager Herndon confirmed that longtime Shinnston Police Chief Michael Secreto had been fired and an investigation was ongoing.

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