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Friday, June 1, 2012

Video Shows Lies, Cop Indicted on Perjury, Misconduct Charges

Cop indicted on perjury, misconduct charges after video shows he lied 
The New York Post by Jose Martinez  -  May 31, 2012

Surveillance video shows the officer did not have to jump out of the way of the moving car. The video didn't lie, but this cop allegedly did - and now he's in big trouble. Officer Diego Palacios has been indicted on felony charges by a Brooklyn grand jury after a surveillance video exposed a sham that landed an innocent man in jail for three days. Palacios was slapped with official misconduct, perjury and offering a false instrument charges for arresting John Hockenjos in a case built prosecutors say was built on lies. "My client never should have been put in a position where he had to spend a single second in jail," said Craig Newman, a defense lawyer who represented Hockenjos on the reckless endangerment charge that got tossed in March. The 55-year-old Bensonhurst man was going home to watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 when he ended up in jail for allegedly driving his sedan "at a high rate of speed" that supposedly caused the cop to leap for his life. But the silent video shows Hockenjos slowly creeping his car into the driveway while Palacios doesn't budge. Cops had been called to the home over a long-running property dispute between Hockenjos and neighbor Argo Paumere. "Thank God my client had that video," Newman said. A defense lawyer for Palacios said the eight-year NYPD veteran maintains "100%" that Hockenjos put him in jeopardy when he pulled into the driveway. "We are confident he will be exonerated and continue in the job that he cares about and loves so much," said Arthur Aidala. Hockenjos could not be reached for comment. But Newman said the ordeal has shredded the city transit worker's trust in police. "I know he and his wife are pleased with this result," Newman said. "But they're still living in fear and anxiety that is simple as just being afraid to call 911."


Anonymous said...

Actions of Argo Paumere are twisted in the relation to "property dispute" because it is no legal bases for Paumere to claim Hockenjos’ property. Paumere bought identical to the Hockenjos' property next to the Hockenjos' in 2009 but Hockenjos' bought property and only home in 1997. Right from the start before Paumere even had closing on their new property next to the Hockenjos’ it was illegally used FDNY Engine #246 for demanding to sign real properties from adjoining owners to Paumere’s for free against owners will under duress. Laws clearly reading that buying property next to someone does not mean that you own all adjoining properties or have rights to demand adjoining property against owners will. Clearly you only own what you bought and nothing more by Law. Strangely enough Law Enforcements, Government permits Paumere’s get away with severe violation of basic Human, Constitutional, Civil Rights of the Hockenjos' and other adjoining owners. Demanding and getting real properties, money against owners wills, depriving owners from enjoyment, use of their own property are named in NYS Penal Law, Federal Laws as felonies; more sever when it is done under color of Law. Since 2010 Department of Building NYC repeatedly approved Paumere to build on false application without survey attached and because of it Hockenjos’ were wrongly pushed to Civil Court to protect property rights that were demanded by Paumere’s against Hockenjos’ permission. But Paumere found the solution how to get Hockenjos' property by defrauding the Court. Argo Paumere sworn in Court of Law that he is not interfering with Hockenjos' property rights to the Judge who was already named by Daily News as corrupted. But then within the Month Paumeres filed new case about the same issue that was already in the same Court -Hockenjos' property which is against the Law. Paumere’s in new case changed plea in full contradiction with Hockenjos' own case without any Laws permitting it- demanded from the Judge that Hockenjos' must be restrain forever from their own property and Argo Paumere must occupy, use and enjoy property that Hockenjos legally bought in1997, paid mortgages, property tax, developed and maintained for 15 years! Also without any hesitation Paumere demand in same Court case that Hockenjos' security cameras would be removed, Hockenjos' will be restrained to complain to all Law Enforcements, Hockenjos' must not live in their own home, not take pictures, not speak and almost $1,5 Million dollars be also granted from Hockenjos’ to Paumere! It was very convenient for Argo Paumere that John Hockenjos' was framed by Police and placed in Jail for 7 years for the crime he never committed right before the Civil Supreme Court Hearing about Hockenjos’ property, money! Even after criminal case against Hockenjo’s was dismissed Argo Paumere continue bringing Police on Hockenjos' property without Hockenjos’ permission and demanding that Paumere's must have two driveways and two backyards and Hockenjos' will have no land that Hockenjos’ are own according to deed, surveys and Title insurance. Looks like Paumere’s are above the Law because it is not explainable why Paumeres demand to be taking for free Hockenjos’ property, property rights, money against Hockenjos’ will is permitted and named as "Civil property dispute"! Paumere continue framing Hockenjos' as criminals and calling Hockenjos’ Russian Mafia, harassers but harassing, assaulting, vandalizing Hockenjos’ without ever being investigated and stopped. John Hockenjos is not Russian and born in US in more than 3nd Generation, but Paumere are new Emigrants from Former Soviet Union. It is very important question who is Argo Paumere that he has so much influence on NYC Officials, Law enforcements and why he is being permitted to” take over” property which is very expansive in NYC . We believe that Hockenjos’ life’s are in danger.

Anonymous said...

Tell us how Argo Paumere can possibly dispute Hockenjos' property?! This real property is only is first and only home of Hockenjos' family! Paumere came from Estonia, Former Soviet Union only on one condition to obey US Constitution and US laws! But John Hockenjos is born American framed for severe crime he never done because Argo Paumere demanding all Hockenjos' have for hard working life timme:land that in Hockenjos' deed, house, life savings! That is severe crimes by NYS Penal Laws, Federal laws and US Constiotution prohibits to demand others peoples land, home, money and stating that all men are equal! So Argo and his wife demanding Hockenjos' lans, money, house are "disputing it" with corrupted police, Department of Buildings, Supreme Court Judge who are promissing Paumere Hockenjos' land, home, money as a favor?! That is severe crime for what other people not supported by corrupted going in Jail for decadeds! Hockenjos' as US Citizens have rights NOT TO DISPUTE property, money that belong to them by LAWS! It is false statement to obey corrupted Officials and deliver to Paumeres Hockenjos' peoperty, money! That is Mayor Bloomberg permission because his Office was informed about this covered up severe corruption fully.

Anonymous said...

HOCKENJOS FAMILY IS NOW IN THE HANGING TREE - "Hanging Tree" - Realtime Story of Hockenjos who they say murdered three - Government and Judicial Corruption driven by criminal influence has become the Hockenjos "Hanging Tree" an acknowledgment of what humans do to oppress, control, exploit each other and the atrocities ("strange things", like innocents being hanged) that result when people fight against this oppression for their freedom.

Characters familiar with the song use it as a reminder in the book to prioritize freedom for all over things such as surrender/enslavement, suicide, or revenge.