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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Former Corrections Officer Convicted of Raping His Wife

Former state corrections officer Francisco Martinez convicted of raping his wife - Out on bail, Martinez a fugitive as he flees to Dominican Republic
The New York Daily News by Janon Fisher  -  May 11, 2012

Francisco Martinez, a former state corrections officer, was found guilty of raping and torturing his wife. A former state corrections officer was convicted Thursday in Manhattan of repeatedly raping and physically and mentally torturing his wife over three years. Francisco Martinez, 43, who was out on bail, missed the jury’s verdict. He fled to the Dominican Republic halfway through the trial and is now considered a fugitive. Martinez faces five years on the rape charge alone.


Fugitive Corrections Officer Convicted of Raping and Abusing His Wife
DNAinfo by Carla Zanoni  -  May 11, 2012
Francisco Martinez, 43, was convicted of third-degree rape, first and second-degree stalking and second-degree menacing in court on May 10, 2012, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office

A jury has convicted a fugitive corrections officer of physically, sexually and psychologically abusing his wife over a three-year period — despite the fact that he fled the country for the Dominican Republic days before the end of the trial. Francisco Martinez, 43, was convicted in absentia of third-degree rape, first and second-degree stalking and second-degree menacing in court Thursday, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. A prison guard at Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, NY, Martinez was acquitted on a higher charge of forcible rape. He had been free on bail, but was not present in court for the trial after fleeing to the Dominican Republic last weekend, according to reports. If caught, Martinez could face up to seven years in prison. "For years, the victim lived in fear at the hands of a serial abuser who threatened and intimidated her,” District Attorney Cy Vance said in a statement. “I commend the victim for her courage in coming forward and telling her story to the jury, and I thank the jurors for their service and careful attention in this case.” According to the DA’s office, domestic violence is one of the only types of crime that have not fallen over the past decade. The NYPD responded to about 700 domestic violence incidents each day over the past year, totaling nearly 258,000 throughout the year. Vance announced his office will “continue to urge the state legislature to pass the Aggravated Domestic Violence bill,” which seeks to create a new class E felony for an abuser who commits two or more misdemeanor domestic violence offenses within five years, "including those involving intimate partners, non-traditional familial relationships, and adult children abusing parents.” Under the charge, defendants could be placed under probation for five years or sent to state prison for up to four years. The law would also extend the period of time for orders of protection. For more information on the District Attorney’s proposed legislation or to access resources for victims of domestic violence, please visit Those seeking assistance can call the District Attorney’s domestic violence hotline at 212-335-4308.

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