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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Police Captain Voids Ticket to Lieutenant

Concord Cop Gives Off-Duty Police Lieutenant a Ticket, Captain Voids it “In the Interest of Justice” - November 28, 2011

On October 7th at 8:37am, an off-duty Concord Police Lieutenant was issued a citation by a Concord Police Officer for the Lieutenant’s role in a traffic collision on Galindo Street, directly in front of the Concord Police Department. The off-duty Lieutenant, identified by the City of Concord as Robin Heinemann, was responsible for the collision, according to the City Attorney’s Office. The collision report states, according to sources, that Lt. Heinemann was making a left turn into the Police Department’s Driveway from Galindo when she failed to yield to oncoming traffic, causing a two-vehicle collision. Lt. Heinemann was then issued a citation by Officer Ron Bruckert for violating vehicle code section 21801a (failure to yield to oncoming traffic during a left turn movement). Ten days after the citation was issued to Lt. Heinemann, it was voided by Concord Police Captain David Downing. In a supplemental report, which was viewed by, Downing states “After conducting a review with Off. Bruckert, Sgt. Nunes, Lt. Graham & Lt. Heinemann concerning the accident, I decided to rescind the citation (#32-669043) to driver #1 in the interest of justice.” Captain David Downing was asked what he meant by “in the interest of justice“, and although he acknowledged our request for a comment, he did not answer the question. also tried to obtain the full report and the voided citation, but was denied by the Concord City Attorney’s Office. Concord Police Chief Guy Swanger was also contacted, but claimed the City Attorney’s Office had already answered our question. According to the California Courts website, the fine for a failure to yield to oncoming traffic citation is about $234.

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