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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cop Charged With Promoting Prostitution

Cop charged with promoting prostitution
KRQE by Alex Tomlin - November 18, 2011
New charges for Matt Kindle

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) - He's the same cop who was fired after he was charged with trying to bribe a prostitute for sex. Now, he's accused of being a pimp while he was on the force, and the new charges may be connected to a high-profile case. Albuquerque police said Matt Kindle was literally caught with his pants down in August, but an indictment handed up Thursday alleges Kindle may have been involved in much more long before that. The indictment charges Kindle with taking bribes and promoting prostitution between 2004 to 2008. Those are new charges, piled on top of the August incident when police say Kindle, who was on duty and in uniform, met with what he thought was a prostitute at a hotel near Interstate 40 and Carlisle Boulevard NE. Cops said he was caught on tape offering to help the woman out in a criminal case in exchange for sex, and offered to give her tips on how to avoid the vice squad while working as a prostitute in the city. The whole thing was really an undercover sting. Kindle was charged that night and fired from the Albuquerque Police Department three weeks later. APD isn't saying what the new charges are for. But News 13 has learned Kindle's new charges are connected to an Albuquerque prostitution ring. In the original criminal complaint from August, an officer noted that Kindle had been investigated for playing a part in “Private Ice,” a high-priced online hooker ring operating out of an Albuquerque business front that was busted in 2008. The complaint said Kindle's involvement couldn't be substantiated back then, and no one is saying yet if his new charges for promoting prostitution during the same years mean he has now been linked to “Private Ice”. It's unclear if Kindle was on duty at the time he's accused of making money on the side off prostitutes a few years ago. “Private Ice” was a big takedown for APD and then-Mayor Martin Chavez. Bobbie McMullin is spending the next decade in prison for masterminding the operation. McMullin also owned "The Ice House", an all-nude strip club downtown that closed in 2006. The strip club was a thorn in the side of the mayor because of the racy murals painted on the outside of the building. It's now a youth center.

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