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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Two of Police Corruption Hearing Concluses

Day 2 of police corruption hearing concludes
The Monroe News by Ray Kisonas - October 25, 2011

Monroe, Michigan - The second day of testimony in a police corruption hearing concluded this afternoon with more tales of forfeited items being purchased by police officers before the property was made available to the public. The so-called pre-auction distribution involved a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy, who testified that he bought a hot tub for $250 and installed it at his house. He also took a non-working ATV with the intention of paying for it, but never did. Deputy John Bills took the stand in the embezzlement case against his two former supervisors while working in the undercover drug operation known as OMNI. Suspended Michigan State lieutenants Luke Davis and Emmanuel Riopelle have been charged with numerous counts of embezzlement, misconduct in office, racketeering and other felonies. A third man, Lawrence Dusseau of Deerfield, faces 5 criminal counts. Deputy Bills testified today that in 2007 he bought the small hot tub without a receipt or other paperwork or without paying taxes. The hot tub was seized in a drug raid at a home in the Kimberly Estates Mobile Home Park that same year. Under direct examination by prosecutor Oronde Patterson of the Michigan Attorney General Office, Deputy Bills also testified that he saw a flat-screen television hanging on a wall inside Lt. Davis’ home that was also purchased prior to auction. But during cross examination, Lt. Davis’ attorney, Neil H. Fink of Birmingham, said in court that it was common practice for police officers serving in OMNI to purchase seized items before they were made available in auction. “It was no secret,” Mr. Fink said. “You certainly didn’t think you were doing anything wrong?” “No sir,” Deputy Bills answered. Regarding the ATV that was seized from a house on Darling Rd. in 2007, Deputy Bills said he never could get it running. He ended up returning the items. The case is a preliminary hearing being heard before First District Judge Terrence Bronson and is expected to continue through the week.

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