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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Former Cop Back in Court

Martinez Back In Court Seeking Charges To Be Dropped
News 9, Oklahoma by Adrianna Iwasinski - August 31, 2011

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A former Oklahoma City police officer who had several charges against him dropped last week was back in court Wednesday. Maurice Martinez now only faces 12 of the 37 counts he originally was charged with, and his attorney is trying to get the judge to throw out the rest, saying they are baseless accusations. Most of the charges involve sex crimes against children--those children being some of Martinez's adopted and foster sons. Martinez strode into court to face the judge on the amended charges and to see if he would dismiss any of the other charges. His attorney is also trying to get the judge to consider their request for a bond to be set, now that most of the counts against Martinez have been dropped. "It is very frustrating for my client to be sitting in jail when we know these young men are willing to come to court and testify that nothing happened," said David Slane, one of Maurice Martinez's attorneys. Martinez is accused of sexually abusing four of his adopted sons and is a former foster parent of the year. One foster son testified he witnessed the sexual abuse of one of those adopted sons. But the original accuser has recanted his story both on video and in court saying he made it up and that it never happened. His family continues to stand behind him. "He is innocent of all the charges," said Lisa Leeper, Martinez's older sister. "We stand by him and continue to stand by him. I hope the judge decides to grant him bail and ultimately throw out the rest of the charges." A bond hearing has been set for Sept. 19th.


More Than 20 Counts Against OKC Police Officer Accused of Molestation Dropped
News 9, Oklahoma by Adrianna Iwasinski - August 23, 2011

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Judge has ruled to drop more than 20 of the counts against former police officer Maurice Martinez, after the defense hammered away at much of the testimonies and evidence that were seized at the Martinez's home. On Tuesday, Martinez appeared to be much more confident and in better spirits as he walked into the court room. His family was also in court to show supports. Prosecutors have called a sex crime detective and two computer forensic experts to the Oklahoma City Police Department to talk about the graphics found on an I-phone and computer that were seized at the Martinez's home. But the defense team was calling into question whether the search warrant issued for that phone was even legal, since certain details were left off of the warrant. The defense also had plans to call its own set of witnesses, but it was denied by the judge. Those witnesses were going to be several of the adopted sons who were going to testify that Martinez did not molest them and nothing ever happened the way it was reported. "This should be a search for the truth," said David Slane, Martinez's attorney. "It shouldn't be not calling victims, never heard the police not call the victim in my 20 years I've never heard it." Despite the fact that judge has dropped more than 22 of the counts against Martinez, the judge has bond Martinez over for trial, So he will face at least one sexual crime against children count, one child pornography possession count, as well as one abuse of a care taker count. In light of the numerous charges being dropped, the defense says it plans to file a motion to have Martinez's bond reconsidered.


Foster Child Of OKC Police Officer Accused Of Molestation Testifies
News 9, Oklahoma by Adrianna Iwasinski - August 22, 2011

UPDATE: OKLAHOMA CITY -- One of Maurice Martinez's former foster children took the stand at Monday morning's preliminary hearing. Martinez is the former Oklahoma City police officer who was also awarded a foster parent of the year award. He stands accused of molesting more than one of his adopted sons, and he faces more than 30 felony counts. During Monday's preliminary hearing, 22 year old Shadow Michael Billings told the court Martinez was like a father to him and that he provided the best foster home he'd ever had. But he did testify he witnessed Martinez performing oral sex on one of his adopted sons and that Martinez would often sleep naked with that teenage boy. Billings also testified Martinez would offer the boys massages and often cuddled with many of the boys and sometimes touched at looked at him and the other boys inappropriately. Billings admitted in court that Martinez had also touched him inappropriately. He admitted to be nervous in court and tried to avoid eye contact with Martinez. Martinez watched his former foster son intently and wrote several notes to his attorney during the hearing. "Mr. Martinez cannot believe what was happening in the court room, he cannot believe the lies that were been told," said David Slane, Martinez's attorney. "I think he's angry, I think he's frustrated, and one of the notes that he gave to me was ‘where in the world would this come from?'" Assistant District Attorney who was handling this case refused to comment at this time, but just before the court let out, News 9 was told that the adopted son who initially made the allegations against Martinez and prompted the police investigation now denies anything has ever happened to him.

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