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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Former Weathercaster Says Cops Duped Her Into False Confession

Former weathercaster Heidi Jones charges she was duped into false confession in Central Park assault
The New York Daily News by Melissa Grace - August 25, 2011

Former WABC-TV weather gal Heidi Jones has filed new court papers that say she was duped into falsely confessing that she faked an assault in Central Park. Cops promised Jones that if she signed a statement, her bosses wouldn't find out and her career would be saved, defense lawyer Paul Callan charged Thursday. Callan is trying to get a judge to toss misdemeanor charges against Jones. The lawyer wrote in the court filing that police also said they would make her claim that she was attacked by a "Hispanic" man last fall disappear. "[She was] advised that if she would just sign a confession incorporating the specific words and ideas of the lead detective, he would make sure that the 'confession' would never be seen by anyone other than his 'bosses' at [the] NYPD, and possibly the District Attorney's Office," Callan wrote. Callan said cops told Jones eight out of 10 sex-crime allegations turn out to be false or are not prosecutable, but none of the accusers are ever charged.

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