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Monday, November 8, 2010

Police Chief Accused of Quashing Corruption Probe

Officer: Chief quashed corruption probe
UPI - October 26, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA (UPI) -- A former police sergeant in Bell, Calif., who initiated an investigation of possible city officials' corruption said his police chief quashed the probe. James Corcoran, who retired from the Bell police force after clashing with former Chief Randy Adams and filed a lawsuit against the city in July, said Adams became angry after Corcoran told him of evidence that officials may have been involved in voter fraud, illegal sales of building permits and unlawful vehicle seizures, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday. Adams grew more upset with Corcoran in August 2009 when Corcoran said he had already supplied the Los Angeles County district attorney's office and the California secretary of state's office with information, Corcoran said. Corcoran said Adams knew the former sergeant had worked with the FBI on anti-terrorism cases and told him not to mention the alleged corruption to the federal agency about the alleged corruption without Adams's permission. "(Adams) told me it makes others uncomfortable to have the FBI in the building. He should have offered me investigative assistance. Instead, he shut it down," Corcoran said. Adams's lawyer, Thomas O'Brien, denied his client became angry with Corcoran or tried to halt any FBI probe. He said Adams did not act on Corcoran's information because Corcoran had reported it to other agencies. "There was no further action for Chief Adams to take," O'Brien said.

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