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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Off-Duty Cop Charged With DWI After Crash

Off-duty NYPD cop charged with DWI after crashing into parked car
The New York Daily News by Rocco Parascandola - March 20, 2010

A boozed-up off-duty cop capped St. Patrick's Day by slamming his car into a parked Nissan in Queens, according to court papers. Officer Matthew Woods, a five-year vet who works narcotics, was not injured Wednesday night when his Subaru flipped from the force of the collision. "I was driving home," Woods told cops at the scene. "I don't know what happened." Woods admitted he had been drinking before the 11:16 p.m. smashup at at 65th Place and Queens Blvd. in Woodside, according to court papers. He was driving solo - and no one was in the parked car. Woods refused to take a Breathalyzer test. Court papers said he had bloodshot eyes and his breath reeked of alcohol. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and with criminal mischief. The NYPD did not release information about the arrest until Friday. Woods was arraigned Thursday and released. He could not be reached for comment. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, asked about the arrest, said, "I don't have any details on that." Woods is just the latest in a string of officers busted for driving drunk. The Daily News reported last week that at least 55 city cops have been caught behind the wheel while liquored up since 1999. All pleaded down to non-felony charges - and nearly all have remained on the job. Just last month, Officer Roniel Dilone smashed into a parked car in the Bronx, badly injuring his passenger. And Officer Raphael Ospina plowed his Chrysler into a garbage truck in midtown, flipped over and smacked into Tiffany's jewelry store. Ospina broke three ribs, and two friends in the car were also hurt.

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