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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drunk Cop Blasts Hole in Pal's Car

Drunk off-duty Queens cop blasts hole in pal's car outside club
The New York Daily News by Alison Gendar, Rocco Parascandola and Wil Cruz - September 6, 2009

An off-duty detective who was "wasted" following a night of boozing in Brooklyn was suspended on Saturday - after his gun accidentally went off and blasted a hole in a car, police sources said. William Powell, a 15-year Queens veteran, had just gotten into the car with friends from the GridLoc Truck Club - a social club of Brooklyn bikers - sometime before 3 a.m., the sources said. That's when Powell's gun accidentally discharged, blowing a hole through his pal's car outside the Sutter Ave. club. "He was wasted drunk," said a source. "He said he was adjusting his gun and it went off." Two rookie cops from nearby Police Service Area 2 heard the shot and immediately pulled up. "Don't f--- with me! I'm on the job," Powell, 40, told them, a source said. The cops took Powell into custody. His friends were not charged, the source said. Powell was not arrested, but investigators determined that he was too drunk to perform his duties as a police officer. NYPD policy prohibits officers from being unfit for duty, even if they're not working at the time. Powell, who comes from a family of cops, was suspended - and could face harsher penalties. "He'll be lucky to keep his job," said another source. - With Mike Jaccarino and Joe Kemp

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