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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Former Cop Yells, "Stop Corruption!"

Ex-Corinth officer challenging sheriff
The Albany Times Union by LEIGH HORNBECK - August 30, 2009

BALLSTON SPA, NY -- Longtime Saratoga County Sheriff James Bowen, 71, has a challenger: Jason Longton of Greenfield, an independent who says he will not accept campaign donations. Longton, 42, who now drives a fuel delivery truck, is a former Corinth police officer. He was fired in 2004 for insubordination after he continued to investigate a harassment complaint against a local restaurant owner even after the police chief told him to stop. Longton said the restaurant owner, who has since died, had political connections got him off the hook. Longton challenged his dismissal under civil service law and won a new hearing. He was fired a second time, but was awarded the pay he would have received had he not been fired illegally the first time -- $92,000. But before he won his back pay, Longton was forced to file bankruptcy. The experience left him determined to change the system. He formed a one-man party, "Stop Corruption." His nominating petitions have been certified by the county board of elections. "If elected, I will investigate any and all complaints regardless of affiliation," Longton said.

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