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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cops Alleged to have Erased Phone Video Evidence

A witness of alleged abuse said cops erased cell phone video evidence
The New York Daily News by KERRY BURKE AND ALISON GENDAR - July 25, 2009

The NYPD is investigating a complaint that cops erased cell phone video that showed officers roughing up a suspect after a fatal police shooting in Manhattan last week. Witness Jose Gomez said detectives approached him after a cop shot and killed a robbery suspect who tried to run the officer over at W. 188th St. in Washington Heights. "I had four videos from three minutes to five minutes each," said Gomez, 23. "The cops said they wanted to see it. A lot of things were happening and they needed to piece it together." Gomez said he gave investigators his cell phone, but when they gave it back, the video was gone. An NYPD spokesman said the Internal Affairs Bureau - which investigates all police-involved shootings - would review Gomez's claims. Gomez said one of his video clips showed a "guy was on the floor in handcuffs and a cop was dragging him." Another sequence caught officers giving CPR to victim Maximo Pequero, 28, who later died from a gunshot wound to his neck.

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Anonymous said...

Note about flash chips in cell phones: IF the video was recorded into a removable flash memory chip inserted into the phone, the file can be easily recovered using some basic file recovery utilities. Any computer geek worth his weight can restore those video files within 5 minutes. - good luck in the future, and be sure to change the settings on your phone to record directly to the removable flash memory chip for cases such as this one.