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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Retired Officer Shoots Cop, Kills Himself

Jealous Ret. Cop Shoots NYPD Officer, Kills SelfAltercation began at the home of his estranged cop wife
NBC New York 4 - April 11, 2009

Cecil Ramsay, 51, was found dead outside this West Babylon home. A retired New York City police officer shot himself to death on the front lawn of a Long Island home after shooting and wounding an off-duty officer he thought was having an affair with his cop wife, law enforcement officials said Saturday. A retired NYPD officer shot and wounded another cop on Saturday before turning the gun on himself. The officer, identified as Cecil Ramsay, 51, killed himself in the driveway of his wife’s home in West Babylon Saturday morning. His wife, Belfort Dady, is an active New York City police officer, officials said. Ramsay had been on a list awaiting a heart transplant, cops said. Ramsay had apparently shown up at his estranged wife’s house and discovered her there with a male friend, who is also an active NYPD officer. A dispute ensued and Ramsay began firing shots. One bullet struck cop Edwin Shittick in the hand, law enforcement officials said. Nearby construction workers that heard the commotion called 911. Dady drove her friend to a nearby hospital for treatment, police said. After she left the house, Ramsay took his own life, police said. Detectives say they don't believe Ramsay's wife was having an affair as he suspected.

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