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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ex-sleuth in NYPD badge racket strikes $10G deal
The New York Daily News by Thomas Zambito - January 14, 2009

Former NYPD Detective Robert Neves will pay a $10,000 fine for handing out hundreds of phony NYPD badges that ended up in the hands of stickup men and even a suspected killer. As part of a deal reached with Manhattan federal prosecutors on Wednesday, Neves won't be prosecuted if he stays clean for six months and stops handing out the badges from his bounty hunter schools. Prosecutors say 78 of the 943 badges given to graduates of Neves' bounty hunter schools in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Passaic, N.J., went to convicted felons. Some used the tin badges to impersonate cops during robberies, get out of tickets or get inside government buildings. The badges were patterned after NYPD detective shields and were inscribed with the words "U.S. Recovery Bureau" and "Special Agent." Still pending are charges against Neves co-defendant Ralph Rios, who ran the schools with Neves. Among those U.S. Recovery Bureau grads who flashed the badge was Darryl Littlejohn, the ex-con accused of raping and killing John Jay College graduate student Imette St.Guillen in 2006. Littlejohn got a job as a bouncer at the Manhattan bar where he met St. Guillen by showing off his badge and claiming to be a fugitive enforcement agent. Littlejohn was sentenced to 25 years in prison last week for kidnapping a Queens woman as she walked home from York College in 2005.

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