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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Corruption is common on both sides of the border where cash is king

by Michael Webster, Investigative Reporter - November 23, 2008

Corruption on both sides of the U.S. Mexican border runs deep and can be found in the highest levels of both the Mexican government as well as the U.S. A high ranking member of the Caldron administration who want to remain unknown says, "there is corruption in regards to Narco trafficking in both governments and when there is unlimited cash available that cash finds its way to the powers to be and has no borders when it comes to influence." With an estimated yearly income worldwide of over $300 billion in illegal drug sells, no wonder with that amount of cash it allows for an enormous amount of that cash to be distributed and liberally passed around to make things happen. With cash like that available it should be no surprise that tons of illicit drugs find its way into the U.S. where the very agencies that are charged with stopping that drug flow are often the very ones who the Mexican drug cartels pay off with cash, and lots of it. On March 23, 1983, Vice President George W. Bush took charge of the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System (NNBIS). Bush was put in charge of the entire drug interdiction effort of the United States under the than President Ronald Reagan administration. This is the same Bush who was also the Director of the CIA and the Ambassador to China. All considered very powerful appointments. And he ultimately became the President of the United States. The United Nations Drug Control Program noted the inevitable risk of drug-related corruption "wherever there is a well-organized, illicit drug industry, there is also the danger of corruption." According to the international monitoring group Transparency International, "Mexico's police and armed services are known to be contaminated by multimillion dollar bribes from the transnational Norco-trafficking business. It is widely considered to have attained the status of a national security threat."

One retired border patrol officer with more than 3 decades of experience patrolling the U.S. Mexican border who shall remain anonymous because he fears retaliation says" why do you think the border is so porous with all the manpower of the border patrol, national guard, and with all the latest and most sophisticated technology which include satellite, ariel spy craft ("The Reaper/Predator B UAV´s robotic killing machines are currently in operation with the BP), cameras, and other detection equipment, millions of dollars of drugs still find there way into the United States annually undetected. In addition to all the drugs millions of illegal aliens have crossed into the United States. Ask yourself how is that possible? In my opinion we as a government could stop the flow of drugs and illegal´s if we could just stop the huge amount of money being paid to the powers to be who actually hold the good guys back from enforcing the law and help keep that flow of drugs and illegal´s coming." There seems to be no U.S. Government agency immune from corruption the FBI, DEA, CIA, IRS, DOD, National Guard, Federal Air Marshals, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Customs, U.S Marshalls, ICE, Dept of Commerce, U.S. Justice, U.S. State, and even our state and federal Judiciary and others, many of which are answerable to the top U.S. agency "Homeland Security" This powerful organization was created during the current Bush administration and its power reaches around the world. They all ultimately answer to President Bush and therefore give Bush control over all of them. The Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations, Committee on Foreign Relations, chaired by Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, heard abundant testimony by drug dealers and pilots about CIA connections to cocaine smuggling. The report concluded that the United States allowed foreign policy objectives to interfere with the War on Drugs.

House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Crime and Criminal Justice reported that Bekaa Valley heroin traffickers have close ties to the Syrian government and Army, and that President Bush ignored this problem in his policy towards Syria. Drug-related corruption has plagued federal, state and local law enforcement in many ways. While the United States draws attention to corruption outside our borders, we do not focus enough attention on corruption at home. Just recently Mexico arrested its head of Interpol for allegedly working for a powerful drug cartel. Ricardo Gutierrez was Mexico´s representative to Interpol, the world´s largest international police force, and the latest top police officer to be locked up on suspicion of working for drug traffickers. In October, two leading anti-drug agents were jailed for taking bribes of "up to $450,000 a month" from the Beltran Leyva crime group to leak intelligence about police operations. The Beltran Leyva brothers recently split from the Sinaloa drug cartel run by Mexico´s most wanted man, Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, and also were bribing Gutierrez, prosecutors said. Widespread corruption among Mexico´s badly paid police is undermining President Felipe Calderon´s army-backed war on drug gangs, which has claimed more than 4,300 lives this year.

Police corruption forced Calderon to turn to the army, which is seen as less corrupt, when he launched an all-out crackdown on violent cartels after taking office in 2006. Across the United States, our local communities have felt the burden of law enforcement officials involved in drug corruption scandals. In addition to the corrupt federal agencies, hundreds of local city policemen are also corrupted and take bribes. Many of these officers are assigned to drug details and are operating as special drug enforcement officers dealing with the massive drug problem on a daily bases who´s charge is to stem the flow of illegal drugs in there respective communities. County Sheriff´s and their deputies have run a foul of the law by cooperating with drug traffickers and taking cash from Mexican drug cartels and their gang enforcers. Both Bush administrations have had cozy relationships with Mexico, Columbia and Afghanistan all countries that produce and traffic in billions of dollars in drugs worldwide. Recently the senior ranking and one of the most powerful senators in the U.S. Senate was arrested and convicted for bribes involving refurbishing his cabin in Alaska. Now think about, if a U.S. Politian can be bribed for that puny amount imagine what billions of dollars of dirty cash can buy. Serious questions today still remain about the Bush family starting with George W. Bush - Grandfather involved with German Nazis .

Here is a laundry list of current President Bush corruption allegations. Just stop and realize if this president is involved with the following corruption than it is not much of a stretch to believe his and his families involvement with the billions awarded those involved in global drug trafficking? From Grandfather Bush, to President George W. Bush and all the Bush boys questions of their involvement in shady deals from major league baseball ownership, garbage collecting contracts, savings and loan debacle, too this setting president Bush reflex in the following information gathered by long-time business, finance and political writer and analyst Bob Chapman who publishes the bi-weekly International Forecaster reported that Sue Ann Arrigo as his source was a high-level CIA insider. Her title was Special Operations Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). She also established the Remote Viewing Defense protocols for the Pentagon in her capacity as Remote Viewing Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). It earned her a two-star general rank in the military. She called it a "ploy" so the Pentagon could get more of her time and have her attend monthly Joint Chiefs of Staff meetings. Only high-level types are invited, and she was there from October 2003 to July 2004. Part of her job involved intelligence gathering on Iraq and Afghanistan - until August 2004 when she refused to spread propaganda about a non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program and left. She followed in the footsteps of others at CIA who resigned for reasons of conscience and became critics - most notably Ambassador Joseph Wilson´s wife and CIA operative Valerie Plame, along with Ray McGovern, Ralph McGehee, and Phil Agee. On May 16, 2008, Arrigo sent extensive government corruption and cover-up information to Henry Waxman, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. The information provided Waxman is explosive and revealing but just the tip of the iceberg.....

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