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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 cops are charged in Bronx road rage pistol-whip

The New York Daily News by KERRY BURKE AND ALISON GENDAR - August 18, 2008

Two off-duty female cops yelled, "We are the police!" - and then pistol-whipped a Bronx man in what authorities call a case of road rage. NYPD Officers Michelle Anglin, 37, and Koleen Robinson, 24, were charged with assault, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon for the Williamsbridge beatdown. It took 25 staples to close the gash in Marlon Smith's head, authorities said. Smith, 35, had pulled up alongside Robinson's black Suburban with his driver's side car door wide open as the two cars sat near E. 218th St. and White Plains Road at 5p.m. Friday. "Close the door, you f------ a------!" one of the two off-duty transit cops yelled as Smith came perilously close to scraping Robinson's SUV. Smith proceeded to make a big mistake: He yelled at one of the officers, "You are a f------ b----!" And then it was on. Robinson jumped out of the driver's seat and Anglin got out of the passenger's side, authorities said. Smith tried to close his car door but Anglin, a cop since January 2005, was too quick and squirted pepper spray in his face, court records say. When Smith tried to grab Anglin, Robinson, who joined the NYPD in January 2006, punched him, the records stated. A witness who tried to break up the brawl heard one or both of the women warn Smith, "Do you know who you are f------ with? We are the police!" In the melee, Smith tried to grab one of the cops. Smith, the witness, and one of the cops all tumbled to the ground. As Smith, 5-feet-9, lay on the ground, Robinson, 5-feet-8, 150 pounds, beat him in the head with her baton until he grabbed it out of her hand, authorities said. Anglin, 5-feet-5 and 138 pounds, then bashed Smith in the face with her gun. Smith told investigators that at some point he looked up and, squinting, saw one of the women - he couldn't say which - point a gun in his face. The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident. Smith declined to comment. Anglin and Robinson were suspended and stripped of their guns as they were arraigned Sunday on the gang assault charges. Robinson's bail was $10,000 cash or bond. Anglin's bail was set at $25,000 cash or bond. Both work at Transit District 12 in the Bronx.

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