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Friday, July 18, 2008



In a seventeen-count Indictment, unsealed today, nineteen members of a Liberty City-based narcotics trafficking organization have been charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and with the distribution of kilogram quantities of powder cocaine and hundreds of grams of crack-cocaine. Among those nineteen defendants are two Miami-Dade Police Officers, Michael Anthony King and Antonio L. Roberts. As alleged in the Indictment, defendants King and Roberts used their positions as police officers to assist co-defendant Marvin Lorenzo Coney, a/k/a “Cone Head,” and others in avoiding arrest and successfully conducting a lucrative and wide-ranging narcotics trafficking business throughout the Liberty City area of Miami.

Today’s prosecution is the result of a two-year joint federal and state investigation that included the use of confidential informants, physical surveillance, taped conversations, and the seizure of drugs, money, and a semi-automatic firearm. On several occasions, law enforcement recorded calls to Coney from King and Roberts, during which conversations the officers warned Coney of police activity in the area so that Coney could take measures to protect his narcotics and elude the police.

U.S. Attorney Acosta stated, “These two police officers would warn this Liberty City drug gang of police activity. By warning armed drug dealers of upcoming confidential police actions, today’s defendants committed the ultimate act of betrayal: they put at risk the lives of their colleagues. Policing is dangerous enough, without the many honest men and women of policing having to worry about informants in their ranks.”

FBI Special Agent in Charge Jonathan Solomon added, “Today, FBI agents and members of the South Florida Violent Gangs Safe Streets Task Force arrested nineteen members of a violent drug trafficking organization. Among those arrested are two Miami-Dade Police Officers, who used their positions to aid the organization’s illicit activities. While the actions of these officers are reprehensible, it is imperative that the public know that this investigation would not have been possible without the assistance of many exceptional police officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department, the City of Miami Police Department, and the Broward Sheriff’s Office.”

Director Robert Parker, of the Miami-Dade Police Department, added, “It is sad but true that in some instances, officers chose to stray from ethical conduct and disregard their commitment to protect and serve the public; instead, these officers chose to tarnish their badges and join criminals in unlawful enterprises. We are continuously vigilant for such stray officers, and when we find them, we prosecute them just as vigorously as we do other criminals. Those in law enforcement who entertain the temptation to engage in criminal conduct should remember this. Also, police officers who engage in criminal acts with others should realize that there is no honor among criminals; that their accomplices will quickly expose them and use them as leverage to lessen their own jail time.”

Today’s announcement was made by R. Alexander Acosta, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Jonathan I. Solomon, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miami Division, and Robert Parker, Director, Miami-Dade Police Department.

The defendants charged in the Indictment are Michael Anthony King, 42, Antonio L. Roberts,46, Marvin Lorenzo Coney, a/k/a “Cone Head,” 42, of Miami, Michael Renardo Johnson, a/k/a “Jay,” 45, of Miami, Christopher Nicholson, 37, of Miami, Corey Reed-Rogers, 32, of Pembroke Pines, Carnell Demon Sumner, 38, of Pembroke Pines, Michael Tyrone West, 52, of Miami, Japtalian Evans, a/k/a “Nephew,” 29, of Fort Pierce, Edwin Alexander, a/k/a “Cook,” 37, of Miami, Glenn Roberts, 45, of Miami, Ernest Pernell Shaw, a/k/a “Toochie,” 31, of Miami, Michael McKnight, a/k/a “Mike Sykes,” 47, of Miami, Antwain Andre Mcduffie, 25, of Miami, Antionett Lasonia Carter, 32, of Miami, Antwun Ivory Wilson, 35, of Miami, Boris Lee Trapp, 52, of Miami, Kimberly Paschal, 32, of Miami Gardens, and Anette Smith, a/k/a “Malibu,” 51, of Miami. If convicted, the defendants face sentences ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment.

Mr. Acosta commended the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Gangs Safe Streets Task Force, and all participating agencies. In addition, Acosta thanked the Internal Affairs Division of the Miami-Dade Police Department for their cooperation and work in this investigation. Acosta also thanked Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and her office for their cooperation and support during the investigation. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys James M. Koukios and Michael E. Sofia.

A copy of this press release may be found on the website of the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida at . Related court documents and information may be found on the website of the District Court for the Southern District of Florida at or on

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