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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ex-cop charged with promoting prostitution

The Journal News by Desiree Grand - June 19, 2008

A former Mamaroneck police officer who had sued the town claiming racial discrimination was accused of running a prostitution operation out of a massage parlor in Ulster County. Peter Persaud, 42, was arrested last week by Marlborough police and charged with promoting prostitution in the third degree, a felony. The Fishkill man is accused of operating a business called Body and Soul, which advertised "body work" but instead charged $175 for half hour with a prostitute, police said. The business is in a commercial suite at the Village Square Mall in Marlboro. It advertised its services on Internet sites like Craigslist, MySpace and the classified section of area newspapers. The Internet sites included photographs of women that were allegedly available. Persaud is also expected to face a felony charge of unlicensed massage therapy, police said. 

In 1998 Persaud sued the Mamaroneck Police Department claiming officials there had denied him assignments and promotions in favor of white officers and subjected him to derogatory treatment. Persaud is of Indian origin; his family came from Guyana. The town brought departmental charges against him claiming he was sleeping while on duty behind a school building while his gun was lying on the seat in plain sight. At the time, Persaud said the departmental charges were in retaliation for his lawsuit. He was fired in 1999, but the town later reached a settlement with him and two other officers who had joined with him in filing the lawsuit. The settlement was sealed and details were never released. He served four years on the police department. After his arrest June 12, Persaud was remanded to Ulster County jail. Police investigating the case also arrested a 22-year-old Yonkers woman and charged her with prostitution. They are not releasing her identity, saying the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected.


truthwillsetyoufree said...

This guy is pure evil and has a terrible history to defraud society as a whole. I say let him hang. Persuad disparages the badge he once held. He makes honest men and women in law enforcement public trust so much more difficult. God Bless these men and women in blue for without them all would be lost. Furthermore, to hell with all those who violate the public trust.

Anonymous said...

He is still an evil man. he is using his corrupt ways to bribe judges, the District ATTNY, local law enforcement and others to beat the charges. They caught him red handed and yet the charges were dropped. Makes one wonder how deep into the lawenforcement community the corruption really is! He keeps a log of his clients and this log is used to bribe his way out of career criminal activities.

Local law enforcement must certainly be involved or receive sex in lue of prosecution!!!!

Anonymous said...

He beat the charges because they was no evidence of him knowing what was going on at this place. He was an absentee owner. Know the facts

Anonymous said...

The charges were dropped because he was not the owner of the business. He was the owner of the building. The dumb ass police grabbed the wrong guy and ended up paying the price in monetary damages to him.

Anonymous said...

The guy had no clue what was going on he just owned the building he got off clean because the cops realized he just owned the building and didn't know what was going on. And @ truthwillsetyoufree up there you can't even trust your own neighbor much less the government or the cops now days its everyman for himself you need to get your facts straight before you say let someone hang sounds a little like communist outlook to me. So who's wrong here?