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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Renegade NYPD cop preyed on ladies, DA says

The New York Daily News by Barbara Ross and Adam Nichols - April 12, 2008

A renegade NYPD cop tried to force a teenage girl to perform a sex act after he discovered her in a city park after closing time, prosecutors said Friday. Wilfredo Rosario also sexually assaulted a woman who asked him about applying to be a school crossing guard - and he is believed to have preyed on others, the prosecutors said. Rosario, a 10-year NYPD veteran and former Marine, was arraigned yesterday on charges of misconduct, attempted coercion, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment covering both cases. The officer - whose car license plate reads TRNG DAY after the movie "Training Day," in which Denzel Washington plays a corrupt cop - allegedly approached the 18-year-old in Riverside Park in 2002.

He threatened to give her a summons and tell her parents "unless she agreed to oral sex," Assistant District Attorney Mark Crooks told Manhattan Supreme Court Daniel FitzGerald. The teen refused and made a formal complaint to the NYPD, but no action was taken, Crooks said. This year, while a community affairs officer in Harlem, Rosario lured a woman into his car and molested her after she asked for information about becoming a crossing guard, Crooks said.

When that alleged victim complained to police, the earlier case was revived. The prosecutor added, "There are other victims out there." Investigators are asking other victims to contact them at (212) 335-8905. Rosario's bail was set at $10,000, and he was ordered not to contact his alleged victims. He has been suspended from the NYPD.

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