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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New York Cop Charged With Insurance Fraud, Theft, False Report


NEW ROCHELLE - A New Rochelle police sergeant has been charged with theft and insurance fraud for falsely reporting his sport utility vehicle stolen days after it was set on fire, New York City police said today. Sgt. Anthony Jones, 41, of Brooklyn, was arrested Friday, the same week another New Rochelle sergeant was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl.

Jones, a veteran officer, surrendered at 9:15 a.m. at Brooklyn's 81st Precinct. An NYPD spokesman said Jones, on Oct. 4, reported to police that his 2001 Land Rover had been stolen. He also filed a claim with his insurance company, Geico. Jones told police he had last seen the vehicle on Oct. 2. However, investigators determined it was set on fire in Brooklyn on Sept. 29.

The car has a resale value in excess of $10,000. Jones was charged with third-degree attempted grand larceny andfourth-degree insurance fraud, felonies, and second-degree issuing a false sworn statement and fifth-degree insurance fraud, misdemeanors.

Jones had been with the depart ment for at least 17 years, and was promoted to sergeant in 1997. New Rochelle police declined to comment on his arrest. A woman who answered the telephone at what police said was Jones' home told a reporter he did not live there and hung up.

It was just last week that New Rochelle police revealed another investigation involving Sgt. David Rodriguez. He is accused of raping a girl at her home shortly after midnight Feb. 9, hours after he and three other officers went to the home and arrested the girl's boyfriend. The boyfriend, who was charged earlier with assaulting the girl, allegedly returned to the home in violation of a restraining order. Rodriguez has been suspended pending the outcome of that probe.

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